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About Us

Hi! Our names are Katie and Andre Murillo

and we have a 5 year old daughter named Elisha!  

We are a family based company who loves to see students thrive in all areas  of life. The company was started in 2019 by Katie Murillo and has grown in the last 5 years to be more than we could imagine. Katie leads the tutoring and music lessons, and Andre leads Physical Education and Art classes, along with music lessons.We also homeschool our daughter, Elisha.We are looking forward to helping your child succeed and providing the best service possible. Soon you will be family too! 

Katie has been in the education sector for 14-year, and earned her education degree with a focus on science and math from GCU. Over a span of 6 years in various schools, she studied and taught a number of subjects including: Math, Science, History, English, Performing Arts, and music. During college and throughout her 20's, Katie taught and directed at MoezArt, which is a theater company for homeschool students. She has extensive understanding and experience in both homeschooling and private/public school. 

Beyond her academic pursuits, Katie has a strong musical background, learning piano at the age of 5, and the violin when she was 12. 

Growing up in Pinetop, AZ, Andre pursued his education at Arizona State University, graduating in 2008. He has taught Physical Education in schools for 15 years. He was the Athletic Director of a private Christian school for 2 years as well. He has personally developed his art skills and enjoys continuing to hone in on those skills. Additionally, he played the piano and saxophone as a student and took up the guitar at the age of 18. He also ventured into drumming and spent two decades playing both guitar and drums with church groups on worship teams. Andre is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with students who share a desire to learn more about sports, music, and art. He's looking forward to welcoming new students into his classes! 

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